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I'm offering art commissions too guys! I'm only £18 away from my goal!! Please help! I will even offer 50% discount. I really need this software. =O

Hey guys, I just updated my status about this! I am aiming to get around £40 to fund a license for Clip Studio Paint Pro! So my VBs are now pre recorded banks that will be sent within a day or so after payment (I have one outstanding but this is due to my health the last two days so I need to sort this!). They will come with a character set up and maybe a basic oto from the moresampler software that will reduce OTO costs!! If you want Appends however, these are considered custom banks and will be quoted for a price depending entirely on what you want! Please spread the word if you guys can't buy!!! ;o;

Goal - £40 GBP
Funds so far - £22.63 GBP

Find examples of my vbs here!

Voicebank Commissions!I am still officially open for Commissions but I am open for Voicebank Commissions as well!!! So if you want a high quality vb for an UTAU then go ahead and enquire!! I can do quite the variety and you can find all my examples on Soundcloud!!! I will just repost the links here so you guys can see what I can do!!  If you want a vb, use one of these sound samples as an example so I know how to record. Also I can only do JPN voicebanks as these are my speciality. ouob All samples shall be cleaned as well for as much clarity to the sound as I can do!
Voicebank Examples:
Mature Strong Female
Mature Male
Young Female
Mature Soft Female (sample also showcases whisper and power banks)
Teen Female
Teen Male
Mature Teen Female
Either comment or note me with the following format!
Voicebank Type (CV/CVVC/VCV): Select the type you wantPayment Method: Points or PaypalOther Notes: What kind of VB do you want? See the samples above for what VBs I can do!
I record with a Blue

Find examples of my art here!

Commissions Open! by MusicRevU

Some of these are just a tiny bit outdated but ask and I will try my best to accomodate!

1. :icontooooty: - Outstanding VB - DONE
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Choke-Cherri Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Pre-recorded banks?
So they're done already?
You could put an utau render sample up and sell them like that so people can hear the exact bank?
Just an idea. I don't have any money on me and I'd advertise but the journal is confusing so idk what I'm advertising so--
MusicRevU Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
They're done, just in the process of being completely edited. I have one already. I plan to have everything done tomorrow. The samples that I link in the original VB journal are the samples of the prerecorded vbs. They have blank otos as moresampler doesn't generate a good one with my reclist. >.<
I hope that makes sense.
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